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We can now supply OZ Racing wheels. the web-store is having the products uploaded as we speak. if you can’t wait, please get in touch with you wheel tyre combination for a deal.

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Wondering what your car will look like with a new set of boots? use this configurator to give you some inspiration.


made in italy

OZ poured all of its experience in GT3 racing into its new wheel: the HyperGT HLT.

Quite often, choosing a wheel for one’s car is part of making an aesthetic statement. But we wanted to do something different and extra. So, we created the HyperGT HLT. A new approach to alloy rims, an authentic heir of the world of racing and, specifically, GT racing, in which OZ has set the standard for many years.

The HyperGT HLT is a distillation of engineering know-how acquired over decades of design experience, filled with details and technological solutions drawn from racing culture.

The resulting wheel expresses the perfect balance between light-weight, rigidity and durability, just as racing wheels have shown us they should be. Indeed, being super light-weight is not enough. When it comes to performance, a series of other parameters that allow the wheel to perform at the highest levels must be taken into consideration. The magic formula for performance is: rigidity, to make the wheel more reactive; light-weight, for better handling and strength to cope with mechanical stresses. When these three elements are perfectly balanced, you achieve the top performance that only HyperGT HLT can ensure.

Based in Peterlee, East Durham, Automotive Services by Richard Martin can carry out a cambelt change on your car and we specialise in Audi VW Group vehicles.

So why do you need to change your VW Audi cambelt?

If your cambelt is worn, it can snap or jump, causing damage to your vehicle's engine. Your car could break down and require expensive repairs.

The cambelt is one of the hardest-worked parts of your car, driving major parts of the engine and keeping everything synchronised, so keeping it in good working order and changing it regularly can avoid major engine damage.


Times and mileages vary so we recommend getting in touch with you car details. As a rough guide Recommended every 4-5 years.
or Around 80k miles.  Even if your car has done very low miles the engine will have gone through many heat cycles and the plastic and rubber components can be potentially cracking.


We’ll strip down the relevant parts of the engine and renew the cambelt, pulleys, tensioners and water pump if applicable . We’ll then reassemble the engine. We always follow factory procedures and use Original equipment parts.


For a 2.0tdi costing from £300 we are a massive saving from the franchised dealerships and  even most smaller independent workshops who usually  won't be using genuine parts, the special tooling and technical information we do. 



If you're looking for car servicing, repairs, diagnostic or tuning, For your VW, Audi, Seat or  Skoda drop us a line.

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