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Richard Martin Automotive Solutions offer custom ECU tuning (also known as remapping) for all VAG vehicles. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of remapping your engine to unlock additional power and torque or for better fuel economy then contact Richard Martin Automotive Solutions on 0191 586 4148.

Dyno Health Check & Power Run Included

Before we tune your car, we run a full health check of your vehicle using our in house MAHA dyno to ensure it is running as it should before any adjustments to your ECU. Data logging is an integral part of remapping or ECU tuning and we are one of the only tuning shops in the North East of England who data log using a 4 Wheel Maha Dyno. Once we are fully satisfied that your car is healthy and ready to be remapped we will run it on our Maha dyno to show you the before and after HP/TQ results. These are available in PS/HP NM/FT LBS.

Live ECU Tuning

LAMBDA, AFR, Timing, Boost [add rest of text about tuning in more detail]

Expected Gains

All cars perform differently to each other. It is important to be aware than pushing your engine to it’s very limits to achieve the highest peak figure is not how we work. We aim for a safe and drivable experience.

as Shell V Power 99 RON or BP Ultimate 98 RON

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