Based in Peterlee, East Durham, Automotive Solutions by Richard Martin can carry out air conditioning service, diagnose faults, and carry out repairs. 



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With our high-quality air conditioning service, you can rest assured that your AC is running at peak performance. Our technicians will check the efficiency, perform diagnostics and carry out any necessary repairs or replacements to keep it in top condition for years to come! We can safely service and repair both common types of AC gas R134a R1234yf.

So why do you need an air conditioning service?
If you don’t service your air con unit, it will loose a small percentage of  its gas every year,  leading to loss of performance or the system disabling itself. 
By keeping the system serviced,  it will  keep your car cool and refreshed with cleaner air. 

Which gas do I need? 
The new HFO-1234yf gas is required by law for all vehicles manufactured after January 2017. It has been shown to produce fewer climate damaging pollutants than its predecessor, (R134a).  It’s not as straight forward,  as some manufacturers have made the switch much earlier and require you use this type of air conditioning refrigerant. We will check and confirm before carrying out any work. 



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The Wurth EVAPOmat® is the perfect way to keep your air conditioning system clean and free of bacteria and fungi. Not only does it eliminate odours, but it also leaves behind a fresh, citrus scent. Keep your family safe and healthy with the EVAPOmat®.


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