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VW Audi Servicing: Expert Solutions for servicing and Common Issues

Why Choose Us for Your VW Audi Servicing?

Every vehicle owner knows the importance of regular maintenance, and when it comes to brands like Volkswagen and Audi, ensuring the best service is paramount. These prestigious cars are designed for excellence, but like all machines, they have their quirks. Let’s dive into some common issues faced by VW Audi owners and why our garage is your best bet for a seamless service experience..




Why Choose Our Garage?



  1. Expertise: Our technicians have years of experience and specific training for VW Audi vehicles. We’re familiar with the intricacies of these brands and can swiftly diagnose and repair any problem.

  2. Real Stories: Take Mr. Henderson, for instance. He once visited a generic garage with his Audi A4, which had an unusual engine noise. They quoted him an exorbitant fee. Not convinced, he came to us. Our team discovered it was a minor belt issue and fixed it for a fraction of the cost. He’s been a loyal customer ever since.

  3. Latest Equipment: We invest in the latest diagnostic tools and equipment, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve and provide services on par with authorized dealerships.

  4. Personal Touch: we are a family run business,  Richard, and Lisa are  involved in the day-to-day running of this business and take  personal pride in how we deal with our customers and their cars. 

  5. Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees. No unnecessary repairs. We believe in honest work, and our loyal customer base is a testament to that.

  6. We are an accredited Bosch service center.
    When you pop the bonnet of your vehicle, there’s a good chance you’ll spot a Bosch component. Renowned for their enduring legacy in automotive parts, we’re honored to collaborate with Bosch. Leveraging their expertise, training, and advanced systems, we ensure top-tier service for our customers.


Common VW Audi Issues:

  1. Electrical Problems: Many VW and Audi owners have occasionally reported issues with the electrical system. Whether it’s a faulty Radio/mmi , erratic indicator lights, or issues with the central locking, electrical gremlins can be frustrating.

  2. Oil Leaks: Some models, particularly older ones, are prone to oil leaks. These can originate from the valve cover gaskets or camshaft seals.

  3. Failing Ignition Coils: This can lead to engine misfires. When an ignition coil fails, you’ll likely experience reduced power, a rough idle, or even an engine that refuses to start.  we also are capable of diagnosing misfires on petrol engines with our ASNU injector test bench .

  4. Timing Belt : we regularly see timing belt failing due to lack of maintenance. As such we recommend a minimum of five years or 80,000 miles between services. 

  5.  Clutch slipping:     in manual gearboxes, and DSG/ S-tronic   the clutch overtime can wear out and cause slipping. In this case we need to remove the gearbox and replace the clutch and potentially the dual mass flywheel. 

Haldex Servicing 

This is quite a common service we provide some of our customers with four-wheel drive or, as vw calls It 4Motion.

We replace the fluid,  filter, clean strainer and reset the adaptions on the system. We also have the ability to update software if the vehicle requires it this is quite a special Service that most independent garages would struggle with. 

Timing belts 

Timing belts hold a special place in our expertise. Given our volume, we’ve secured advantageous pricing with our suppliers, and these savings are extended to our clients. Our technicians have honed their installation efficiency, ensuring our rates remain competitive. We pride ourselves on excelling in this area, which allows us to offer more value than the dealerships and many independents without cutting costs using inferior parts. 

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