So we’ve had a Leon in this week for an upgraded intercooler. We supplied one of our Forge units. Decided that we were going to  get some figures on how the intercooler really works.


The car is a 2009 bwj k1 with r-tech stage 2 software

I measured intake temperatures airflow and timing pull. With vcds both on the road and on the dyno.


My dyno has long ramp up rates I usually have to shorten these to get the correct figures for TFSI’s.  it’s ideal to replicate hot ambient temperatures.


The car has been tuned by another. They measured 333hp on a  different Dyno so we’re not expecting matching figures


We first of all logged the car on the dyno. intake temperatures peaked at 47°c  and 311hp was measured.


Then took the car out on the road intake  temperatures got to a much lower 28°c.


We then got about fitting the intercooler. Once stripped down we realised the the condenser needed replacing,  this stopped  us  from getting back to back figures on the same day.

Following day came around and ambient temperatures within a couple of degrees of the day before.


First run was on the road,  Peak intake temperature of 18° c

10 lower than the stock cooler.


We then strapped the car to the dyno. Intake temperature peaked at  30°C  and 328hp was recorded. Pretty close to the original tuners figures.